We believe elite athletes are built, not born.

Our suite of research-driven development tools and solutions empower sport organisations to go from imagining model athletes to building them.

What makes a model athlete?

Our research within elite sport has built a clear picture of the mental and behavioural strengths modelled by athletes who successfully develop to the world-class level. Collectively, these development strengths provide the building-blocks from which to shape athletes who display the resilience, intelligence, self-management, drive and fortitude required to translate their potential into excellence.


Shaping model 
athletes via

Our research has also built a clear picture of the key strengths underpinning optimal development environments. Collectively, these environment strengths dynamically work together to provide the optimal development experience (DX) for athletes at each key stage along the development pathway. As such, we believe that model athletes are largely built by establishing model environments.

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Our starting line-up

Underprinned by our pioneering strengths-based performance psychology research in elite sport, our evidence-based tools and solutions empower young athletes to realise their potential athletically and personally.



We help athletes identify and better connect with their unique development strengths


DX Management

We evaluate, optimise & track the development experience of athletes on pathway programs


eTraining Arena

We empower athletes to develop their strengths via practical online training workshops


GX Management

We evaluate and optimise the game-day experience of athletes on high-performance programs

Who we’ve teamed up with

Our team of world-class performance psychologists and talent development consultants have worked with a wide-range of elite sport and educational organisations.

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Ready to get the ball-rolling?

We’d love the opportunity to discuss how our range of evidence-based tools and solutions can add value to your athlete pathway.

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