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What if you could hear every athlete's voice, fix every broken experience and optimise every developmental outcome both athletically and personally. With DX management, you get the power of the ultimate listening engine, predictive intelligence and analytics, strategic insights and full closed-loop actioning capabilities so you can gain a holistic understanding of your athletes’ development experience (DX) and make impactful, data-driven decisions geared towards optimising it.


the challenge

Creating optimal development 

A strong and supportive development environment lies at the heart of any successful, high-performing athlete pathway. Get it right and it provides a powerful source of competitive advantage by affording athletes the optimal development experience (DX) to translate their potential into excellence. Despite this, clear evidence-based strategic guidance geared towards the creation of such optimal development experiences is lacking.


the solution

Manage their 
development experience (DX)

Our research in elite sport has built a clear picture of the strengths that underpin optimal development environments. When optimised, these environment strengths dynamically interact to create the 'model development experience' for young athletes as they navigate through each key stage along the development pathway. DX management offers athletic directors a simple yet powerful evidence-based way to systematically manage the DX they create for athletes on their pathway programs. 

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What is development experience (DX)?

Development experience (DX) is the total perception developing athletes have of your pathway program. It’s the cumulation of all the various touch-points athletes experience as a direct result of the development environment that is created for them​.

What is development experience management?

Development Experience Management (DXM) is the evidence-based discipline of understanding an athletes developmental experiences and deploying data-driven strategies that help establish a strong, high-performing athlete-centric development environment. The most powerful and effective DXM systems track athletes' core experiences over-time and utilise the intel to close the gap between the athlete pathway's ‘model experience’ and the experience currently being delivered.

Ways DX management can optimise your athlete pathway

DX management offers athletic directors a unique evidence-based way to optimise their athletes DX. Check out a few of the ways it can add value to your athlete pathway. 


Identify strengths, painpoints, blindspots and opportunities based on athlete feedback


Generate reliable, athlete-led insights regarding the strength of your development environment 


Identify key impact factors that will improve DX through predictive analytics


Provide strategic insights and actionable recommendations to optimise your athletes' DX


Safeguard and improve athlete welfare by evaluating and tracking their wellbeing


Evaluate your athletes' DX from an integrated, whole-person biopsychosocial perspective


Get a robust and reliable insight into the impact and effectiveness of your coaching team


Keep your finger on the pulse of DX by tracking 13 core measures and 27 KPI's


Showcase the strengths and efficacy of your pathway to key stakeholders with verified intel


Compare the DX and relative strengths of multi-sport athletic programs

How DX management works in 4 steps

Our unique DXM process utilises an action research methodology that systematically optimises DX through four key stages.

Step One


We initially spend some time learning about your unique pathway including any challenges you might be facing and use this intel to create your custom-built DXPulse® Voice of the Athlete (VoA) profiling tool. This research-based diagnostic tool is then deployed to capture your athlete's feedback regarding their current experiences. 

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Step two


Athlete feedback is analysed and visualised in a custom-built insights dashboard. With 13 research-based core measures and 27 key performance indicators all feeding into one single source of truth, it offers a complete view of what your athletes are thinking and experiencing. With interactive data discovery filters, athletic directors can see the big picture and then drill-down to explore the nuanced fine-detail to identify what's working and what's not.

Step three


Once we understand what's working and what's not we use predictive intelligence and expert-led analytics to translate insight into action through highly targeted data-driven strategies and actionable recommendations geared towards optimising your athletes DX.

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Step four


To keep your finger firmly on the pulse of your program's DX we re-assess at predetermined intervals to evaluate the impact of any change initiatives and track your athletes DX over-time. This ensures fully closed loop actioning capabilities geared towards consistently providing the best possible development environment in which to optimise athletic potential.

case study

Explore how we optimised the DX of elite English football academy players


World-class insight from world-leading experts

To provide world-class DX management we believe it’s key that our team are world-class practitioners. Learn more about the expert team that will be guiding you on your journey to building a world-class development experience for your athletes.


Prof. Joanne Butt PhD, MSc, C.Psychol

Professor of Sport Psychology

Liverpool John Moores University, UK

Joanne currently works as a Professor of Sport Psychology at Liverpool John Moores University’s internationally renowned School of Sport & Exercise Sciences. Joanne completed her MSc and PhD at Miami University and is a chartered sport and exercise psychologist with the British Psychological Society (BPS). With over 20 years teaching and applied experience, Joanne has delivered sport and performance psychology support to a wide-range of elite athletes and teams across a variety of levels including Team GB Olympians, Olympic coaches, NCAA and Varsity student-athletes and elite youth footballers. Joanne’s research focuses on the key psychological constructs that impact on athletes’ and coaches’ development and performances.

Andrew Mills MS.c, Ph.D, C.Psychol.jpeg

Dr. Andrew Mills PhD, MSc, C.Psychol

Founder, ModelAthlete® 

Sheffield Hallam University, UK

Before founding ModelAthlete® Andrew worked as a lecturer, researcher and talent development consultant at Sheffield Hallam University's Centre for Sport & Exercise Science (CSES) in the UK. Holding an MSc and PhD in sport & performance psychology, Andrew’s research focuses on the individual and environmental strengths that interact to facilitate optimal performance and development. Based on this research he has carried out consultancy for a wide-range of elite sport organisations to help optimise their athlete development pathways. Outside of sport, he has also deployed the principles of behavioural and performance psychology to help a wide-range of global Fortune 500 companies better understand and optimise the experience of their customers through data-driven strategic insights. His background in psychology, sport and business consultancy uniquely positions him to provide sport organisations a fresh perspective. 

You're in elite company

Our world-class team have worked with a wide-range of elite sport and educational organisations.

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Check your DX Benchstrength for FREE

Our DXBenchStrength® diagnostic tool is designed for athletic directors to get a quick baseline on the current strength of their DX as viewed from their own perspective. The complimentary assessment and feedback report provides insight into how you feel you currently stack up in relation to 9 evidence-based factors considered to underpin optimal development environments. 

Ready to level-up your athletes DX? 

If you're keen to learn more about how DX Management can add value to your athlete pathway you can get the ball-rolling by booking an initial discovery chat with our expert team.