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We help parents level-up their sport parenting toolkit by equipping them with the practical knowledge and tools to start positively shaping their child's unique development strengths.

The challenge

Developing a strong mental game

Most coaches would agree that when developing athletes match-up physically, technically and tactically, it is often the strength of their mental game that proves to be the tie-breaker that separates those who make it from those who don't. While the importance of a strong mental game is clear, knowing how to develop it is the challenging part.


the solution

Nurture your child's unique development

Our extensive research and applied practice in elite sport has built a clear picture of the mental and behavioural strengths modelled by world-class athletes. As the building-blocks of a strong mental game, when athletes discover their own unique strengths and learn to harness and activate them in combination at the right time, they provide a powerful source of competitive advantage by optimising their development and performance.

Ready to discover your child's unique strengths? 

Our research-driven StrengthsID® profiling tool has been developed by world-leading researchers and performance psychologists to help sport parents identify and better connect with their child's unique development strengths. 


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Already discovered your child's strengths and ready to start shaping them

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