Enrichment workshops

Underpinned by our world-class research in elite sport, our workshops empower athletes to develop their natural psychological talent, maximise their potential, level-up their performance and achieve their personal goals. Designed for all key stakeholders (i.e. athletes, coaches, parents) each workshop is customised to your unique development pathway and can be delivered in a range of formats including 90 min micro-workshops, half-day (3-4 hrs), full-day (6-7 hrs) and workshop series. For a more in-depth discussion simply click discover more on any of the workshops to schedule a discovery call with our expert team.


Athlete Workshop

Discovering your unique development strengths

In this workshop athletes discover the mental strengths that support optimal development & identify their own unique strengths profile


Athlete Workshop

How & why to level-up
your coachability

In this workshop developing athletes discover what coachability is, why it matters & learn ways to build & maintain it


Coach Workshop

How to build & maintain robust sport confidence in athletes

In this workshop coaches are equipped with the practical know-how to build & maintain robust confidence in their athletes

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Coach Workshop

Goal-achievement using the GROWTH framework

In this workshop coaches are introduced to the GROWTH framework as a tool to empower  athletes to achieve their goals


Athlete Workshop

Maximising your
athletic potential

In this workshop developing athletes are equipped with the practical know-how to maximise their athletic potential

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Athlete Workshop

Courage in sport: What it is & how to build it

In this workshop developing athletes discover what courage in sport is, why it matters & develop practical strategies to build it

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Coach Workshop

Play to their

In this workshop coaches discover the concept of super-strengths & how they can be used to build athlete confidence

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Coach Workshop

Creating optimal
development environments

In this workshop coaches discover the 9 key environment strengths that underpin optimal development environments

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Athlete Workshop

Delivering sustained

In this workshop developing athletes are equipped with the practical know-how to deliver consistent high-performance


Athlete Workshop

US college athletic scholarships 101

In this workshop athletes get the inside track on US college athletic scholarships including how they work & how to secure one 


Coach Workshop

Shaping raw potential into realised potential

In this workshop coaches are introduced to our scientifically supported Integrated Model of Talent Development (IMTD)


Parent Workshop

Parenting champions: Giving your child the optimal push

In this workshop sport parents discover ways they can optimise their important role in the development process


Meet the world-class trainers delivering your workshop

To provide world-class development experiences we believe it’s essential that our team are world-class practitioners. Learn more about the team whose research and consultancy in elite sport underpins our workshops.


Prof. Joanne Butt Ph.D., C.Psychol.

Professor of Sport Psychology

Liverpool John Moores University, UK

Joanne currently works as a Professor of Sport Psychology at Liverpool John Moores University’s School of Sport & Exercise Sciences in the UK. Joanne completed her MSc and PhD at Miami University and is a chartered sport and exercise psychologist with the British Psychological Society (BPS). With over 20 years teaching and applied experience, Joanne has delivered sport and performance psychology support to a wide-range of elite athletes and teams across a variety of levels including Team GB Olympians, Olympic coaches, NCAA and Varsity student-athletes and elite youth footballers. Joanne’s research focuses on the key psychological constructs that impact on athletes’ and coaches’ development and performances.

Andrew Mills MS.c, Ph.D, C_edited.jpg

Dr. Andrew Mills Ph.D., C.Psychol.

Performance Psychologist, ModelAthlete

Sheffield Hallam University, UK

Based on his applied research with world-class performers in elite sport, Andrew utilises simple yet effective systems that empower athletes to go from where they are to where they want to be. He has 17+ years of teaching & consultancy experience helping athletes develop their psychological talent, maximise their potential, level-up their performance & achieve their personal goals. Holding an MSc & a PhD in sport & performance psychology, Andrew's research focuses on the environmental factors that help athletes acquire the psychological attributes 

associated with optimal development and performance. Underpinned by the frameworks & models emanating from his research, he has worked with a range of elite sport organisations to optimise their athlete pathways.

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Our world-class team have worked with a wide-range of elite sport and educational organisations.

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